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Judene's 2nd great grandparents were Absalem D. CHANDLER and Francis Unknown. Absalem was born about 1812 in Georgia. Francis was born about 1816 probably in Georgia. Absalem & Francis were married about 1835 in Hall County, Georgia. Absalem died in April 1874 in Edwardsville, Cleburne County, Alabama. Francis died about 1890 in Cleburne County, Alabama. The union of Absalem & Francis produced twelve children; George Wesley; John W.; Isaac; Thomas H.; Mary; Elizabeth; Josephine; Margaret; Mariah; Martha; Joseph; & Sarah.


The CHANDLER & CROY families lived in the Rosewood community in Cleburne County, Alabama. On a visit there in 1997 I visited the Kilgore General store in Rosewood and found the following hanging on the wall.



by Royce Lane Kilgore

Situated in what is now Cleburne County the Rosewood Community was an early Indian Territory. Although the boundary has been disputed, it is most likely that Rosewood lies three to five miles south of the old Creek and Cherokee boundary line inside the Creek territory. Although there were numerous Indian villages along the many creeks surrounding Rosewood, no documentation remains about the specifics and no Indian mounds are found in the immediate area.

Although its location cannot be accurately pinpointed, it is believed that the "Sandtown Trail" came through, or in close proximity to Rosewood. This trail was an early Creek Indian route that led from western Atlanta westward to an Indian village in east Alabama. This trail later became a stagecoach route for the early settlers traveling west.

It is not feasible to give every individual name of the earliest settlers, but there were several families who made their presence known in Rosewood as some of the earliest settlers in the area. These include the family of William R. Brown, the Bentleys, Hunnicutts, Scotts, Barnes, Bomans, Barnetts, Chandlers, and the Killgores (now spelled Kilgore).

During the 1850's, Rosewood became a somewhat respected trading area centered on a store that was owned and operated by Absalem D. Chandler. Rosewood was also home to one of 27 post offices located in the county. Mr. A. D. Chandler, in addition to operating his store, also served as postmaster at the Rosewood Post Office until the outbreak of the Civil War, when the office was temporarily out of service. The post office was revived on December 15, 1870 with James A. McGee serving as postmaster. McGee held the office for 18 years until William James Beverly took over on August 17, 1888. Eliard Long served as postmaster from January 31, 1900, until the office was permanently closed on January 16, 1904, and the mail was sent to be processed at Fruithurst.

Rosewood has contributed a great deal to the politics of Cleburne County and to the war efforts of the nation. When the very first election was held in Cleburne County in July of 1867, A. D. Chandler, a prominent citizen of Rosewood, was chosen by the people to be the probate judge for the newly formed county. Rosewood and the surrounding area also contributed many soldiers during the Civil War and other wars in the 20th century. Surprisingly, Rosewood was also home to at least one soldier who fought in the war of 1812 and was killed by the British. His widow, Jane Brown, was still receiving a pension of $8 per month in 1880 while living in Rosewood.

Today, Rosewood is still intent as a very nice community with approximately 130 residents. It still plays a role in county politics having sent two of its residents to the county commission, consecutively, for almost the past three decades. There are two general stores, Robinson Grocery, and Kilgore's Rosewood Corner Gas & Grocery that serves the area residents. Also operating in the community is the Rosewood Tire Center, and Rosewood Recycling.



George Wesley CHANDLER was born in Hall County, Georgia November 19, 1835. Millie Elizabeth WRIGHT was born July 6, 1836 in Georgia. George and Millie were married March 17, 1858 in Haralson County, Georgia just over the state line from where George lived in Cleburne County, Alabama. George died May 11, 1897 in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Millie died November 14, 1913. Both are buried in the Morris Cemetery, Grant County, Arkansas. To this union eleven children were born; Narsissis Elizabeth; Irvin; John Wesley; Absolum Denman; Isaac; Maria; General George Washington; William; Thomas; Richard Filo; & Denman.



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