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The family has it's origins in Scotland, most probably in the area of Fife near Edinburgh. There is a place there called Creich. There are also place names in the South and West of England with the name Creech: A town Creech in Dorset; a place called Creech St. Michael; Creech house; Creechwood; and Creechbarn- a Somerset long barn from the 15th century. The family name is associated with the Clan MacDuff (Source: Clan MacDuff Society, Surnames Associated with Clan MacDuff) and was at one time registered in Burke's General Armory in the city of Edinburgh and the Coat of Arms seen below is that which is most commonly associated with Creech.

Understand, though, that Heraldry can only be said to represent a whole family in as much as the Arms represents the noted accomplishments of particular members of that family. According to my studies, the "charges" of blue "martletts" on the Creech Coat of Arms are related to service perhaps performed in the Middle East during the Crusades because Martletts are birds native to that region. Originally there was probably just a gold sheild with 2 black bars so that Creeches in battle could be identified by their kin and allies, then charges were added as notable acts were done and rewarded.



Provided by Alan D. CREECH


Provided by Alan D. CREECH



I have never been able to find any middle name on any document for my 2nd great grandfather John Creech. John Creech was born "near Nashville" about 1823 of (I believe) parents Joshua Creech and unknown wife. The 1850 Lincoln Co., Missouri census provides Joshua's approximate age and place of birth as born about 1785 in North Carolina. Joshua is also listed in the 1820 & 1830 Rutherford County census supporting the family as we know it existed in Lincoln County, Missouri. Joshua had seven children: George W., b.about 1811; James, b. about 1812; Susan, b. about 1816; Elizabeth, b. about 1818; Alexander, b. about 1822; John , b. about 1823; and Larkin, b. about 1828. All children appear to have been born "near Nashville, TN" with the exception of Larkin who was born in Missouri. Therefore it appears that the family moved to Lincoln County, Missouri between the years 1823 and 1828.



My 2nd GGF John Creech married Elizabeth M. Brown, daughter of Andrew Jackson Brown and Sarah Miller, on March 6, 1845 in Lincoln County, Missouri. This union produced eight children: Mary A.; Theta C.; Arcelia C., b. February 22, 1846, Lincoln County, Missouri; Sarah Ellen, b. about 1847; Ann Elizabeth, b. about 1849; Elizabeth Jane, b. about 1852; Robert Shapleigh, b. about 1855; John F., b. 1857, shortly after the death of his father. John Creech died in December 1856 in Lincoln County, Missouri. John's wife Elizabeth M. Brown Creech married a second time to Caswell Sconce.

My 2nd GGF John Creech died early in life in about December 1856, at the young age of 33 years. My 2nd GGM Elizabeth M. Brown Creech remarried 1 May 1858 and apparently the children were "taken in" by other relatives so her new husband, Caswell Sconce wouldn't have to raise (or refused to raise) her children by John Creech. I'm still investigating, but do know from census records that my great grandmother Celia C. Creech went to live with uncle George W. Creech and is shown there on the 1860 Lincoln Co., MO Census. Deborah Adaline Creech went to live with her mother's brother Andrew Miller Brown (1870 Lincoln Co., MO census, family #266). Two sons of Elizabeth Brown Creech, Robert Shapleigh & John F., went to live with her late husband's brother George W. Creech (1870 Lincoln Co., MO census). Sons Robert & John F. however are not listed on the 1860 Lincoln Co., MO census so they may have lived with their mother until some time after the 1860 census then were turned over to George W. Creech also.


Settlement of the Estate of John Creech

Retyped by Roy Juch, 11 December 1999

"The Lincoln County Herald"

March 1, 1867

Troy, Missouri




Elizabeth Scounce and husband Caswell Scounce her husband, Celia C. Gadberry and Joseph Gadberry, her husband, and Ellen Baldridge and James Baldridge, her husband and Ann Creech, Jane Creech, Adaline Creech, Robert Creech and John Creech, minor heirs by George W. Creech their Guardian- Ex Parte.


Whereas the Circuit Court of Lincoln County Missouri, at the September Term thereof for 1866 made an order in the above cause, directing the Sheriff Of Lincoln County Missouri, to sell all the right tittle interest and estate of Said parties of in and to the following described Real Estate situated in Lincoln County Missouri to Wit.

Eighty acres the east half of the south west quarter of section thirty four township forty nine range two, east, and the west half of the south east quarter of section number thirty four, township forty nine, range two east, and one hundred and 22 acres the north east fractional quarter section three, township forty eight, range two east, all in Lincoln County Missouri, except 65 67 - 100 acres the north east fractional quarter section three, township forty eight, range two east, which has been set aside to the widow as dower.

Now therefore I S.R.Woolfolk Sheriff of said county will on Tuesday, the 9th day of April 1867, between the hours of nine in the forenoon and five in the afternoon of that day, at the Court House door in Town of Troy in said county expose said real estate to Public Sale to the highest bidder for one third cash and the balance in twelve months the purchaser giving bond with good and sufficient security.

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† S. R. Woolfolk Sheriff

March 1, 1867


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Arcelia Catherine Creech


by Roy F. Juch, Jr.

Great Grandson


My great grandmother Celia Creech was born on February 22, 1846 in Lincoln County, Missouri to parents John Creech and Elizabeth M. Brown Creech.††† I will use Celia Creech in this paper as the only document in which her name Arcelia was used was on her marriage license to John Creech.There is also some question as to her middle name.†† It was either Catherine or Carolyn?


I believe there were nine children born to John Creech and Elizabeth Brown Creech.†† Two apparently died in child birth or died young.††† Celia was the eldest of the remaining children.†† In December 1856 tragedy struck the family with the sudden death of the father John Creech at age 33.†† Celia was just ten years old.†† Two years later on May 1, 1958 Celiaís mother Elizabeth married Dr. Caswell Sconce and moved to California.†† It must have been at that time that Celia and her siblings were fostered.†† Celia is listed as a member of her Uncle Georgeís household on the 1860 census.†† Uncle George also fostered the younger boys Robert & John.††† Elizabethís brother Andrew Miller Brown fostered Deborah.†† At this time I havenít any proof where the other children (Sarah, Ann & Elizabeth) were fostered but since all died in Lincoln or Montgomery County, Missouri area I have to assume that Dr. Sconce did not want to raise another manís children?


Perhaps Celia was anxious to leave her foster home but at the age of 16, on May 14, 1862 she married Joe Gadberry.†† Joe was 29 years old.††† Joe & Celia had ten children in total, five of which were born in Lincoln County.††† In order of birth these are; George P. in August 1863, Bettie A. on August 7, 1866, William Eugene, on April 1, 1869, Ann E., Dec, 1870 & died 1870, and the last to be born in Lincoln County was Tomas E., born October 29, 1873.The remaining children were all born in or near Hiseville, Barren County, Kentucky with the exception of Sallie Lee who was born in Indiana in December 1875 while the family was returning to Kentucky during that time frame.††


The reason for the return to Kentucky is not known.Was it the death of Joeís parents Dora or Elizabeth?†† It is not known when or where they died or were buried.In Kentucky at least three additional children were born to Joe and Celia Gadberry.†† My grandmother Ida Mae was the first born in Kentucky on December 13, 1878.†† Followed by her brothers Daniel V. on May 25, 1880 and John T.E. on January 27, 1882.†† It is unknown where or when the tenth child was born.

The final move returning to Missouri from Kentucky was sometime between 1883 and 1887.††† The property in Wright City consisting of a house on lots 5 & 6, block 9, Wright City Village was purchased in 1887.†† This is physically at the Northeast corner of North 2nd Street & Elm Street.†† Celia and her daughter Betty Gadberry Crane operated a Millinery & Dress Making shop out of the home.†† This business continued even after the death of Joe in 1910.After her divorce from her first husband Earl McClintock, my grandmother Ida Mae was living with her parents Celia & Joe according to the 1910 census, and I believe Ida Mae would also have worked in the millinery shop until she married my grandfather Walter Juch in 1912.††† Betty died in 1918 and because of osteoporosis Celia was not able to run the shop by herself and she sold the property on October 10, 1918 and moved to Garza,Texas (near Denton) to be near her daughter Sallie Lee Gadberry Chastain.Lake Dallas covered Garza when it was built.††

Celia died July 25, 1925 in Texas and was buried in the Rowlett Creek Baptist Church cemetery located north of Lewisville, TX on Highway 121 then Northeast toward McKiney, TX on an FM road.

For additional information on the family of Celia Creech Gadberry and Joseph Daniel Gadberry go to the Gadberry Page.

Celiaís Obituary

Transcribed by Roy Juch

Mrs. Celia Katherine Gadberry Dies

Mrs. Celia Katherine Gadberry, 79 years old, died at her home at Garza, Denton County, Monday morning.†† She is survived by four sons, William E. Gadberry of Follette, Texas; P.B. Gadberry of Pueblo, Colo.; J.T. Gadberry of Salt Lake City; E.V. Gadberry of St.Louis; two daughters, Mrs. Oscar Chastain of Denton and Mrs. Walter Juch of St.Louis; eighteen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.†† The body will be taken overland to Garza Tuesday morning by the Brewer Undertaking Company, with funeral and burial at the Rowlett Creek Cemetery.

(The above appeared in the Dallas Morning News)


Celia C. Creech Gadberry Grave Marker

Rowlett Creek Baptist Church

North of Lewisville, Texas

(North of Dallas)




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