A paper by Armando Juch

August 2001

2000 years ago, the population was celtic and roman. At about 600 people of slavonic origin settled there. About 200 years later, the german settlement and dominion started. From about 1550 to 1600 most of the carinthian people in the cities where protestants (Martin Luther). At 1600 the austrian emperor ordered them to became catholics or to leave the country. Many people went to Germany at this time. Maybe there was also a brother of my ancestors among them, but it is not easy to get this information. Also the opposite is possible: in the 16th and 17th century many persons came from Germany to work for mining companies in Carinthia. They were also protestants.

At the council of Trient (1545 -) the decision was made, to register all the births, marriages and deaths by the churches. The southern part of carinthia belonged to the church distict of aquilea and the bishop visited the carintian churches rather seldom. So our books started later. Some books of the church at Kappel, where Martin Juch lived, were damaged by water and it is not possible for me to take a look at them. I found several entries of the name Juch in the Carinthian archive (inventories of bequeathments), but I didn't find a connection to Martin Juch. There was only a remark, that the sister of a certain Klemens Juch had the permisson to live in his house. A Klemens Juch lived in Göriach (only 8 km from Hundsdorf, where Martin Juch lived) and died in 1734 at the age of about 60 years. Obviously he had no children, so he could be an uncle of Martin. Maybe, I will find his birth entry (about 1670), then I should also be able to find the birth entry of Martin Juch's father. But this is depending on, where he was born. The books of some churches are reaching back to 1600.

 FERLACH, Austria

Ferlach, Carinthia, Austria, is a town of 8000 inhabitants about 10 km to Slovenia and 50 km to Italy. In this area there are many families with the surname JUCH. Armando JUCH, who lives in Ferlach, reports that the JUCH surname is seldom in other parts of Austria. Klagenfurt, Austria, the capital city of Carinthia, has 90,000 citizens with the telephone book listing five JUCH families.

The ancestors of Armando Juch, his sons Andreas and Markus (only the "Juch - tree")

  1. Martin Juch (&Helena) 1716 - 1789: lived in Hundsdorf
  2. Stephan Juch (&Katharina Doujak) ~1750 - 1820: born in Hundsdorf, went to Seidolach (Nr. 14, "Mesnerkeusche"), where he lived and worked as a potter and sacristan at the church in Seidolach. Katharina was born in St. Margarethen in 1749 and died in 1816
  3. Valentin Juch (& Maria Sorgo) 1786 - 1857: born in Seidolach, his father bought him a house in Gotschuchen ("Fermkeusche")
  4. Valentin Juch (& Barbara Skant) 1810 - 1900: lived in Gotschuchen, his wife was born 1812 in Gallizien.
  5. Matthias Juch (& Katharina Petermann) 1856 - 1939: born in Gotschuchen (Nr. 13, "Fermkeusche"), later he became the owner of the house "Pinterkeusche" (Nr. 11) near it. He worked as a master joiner. Katharina Petermann was born 1859 in Tschedram.
  6. Jakob Juch (& Justina Kescher) 1887 - 1934: born in Gotschuchen ("Pinterkeusche"), went to Seidolach (Nr. 16) and got married 1912. Like his father he worked as a master joiner. His wife was born in Hintergupf in 1892 and died 1931.


  1. Jakob Juch (&Rina Romagna) *1929: born in Seidolach, went to Ferlach in 1943 to start his education as a toolmaker. He worked also in Switzerland (1953-1956), where he met Rina (*1929 in Zortea, Trento, Italy), went back to Ferlach and got married there in 1957.
  2. Armando Juch (&Renate Steidl) *1957: born in Klagenfurt, studied in Graz (Master of Science - Industrial Engineering), worked in Munich (1984-90, BMW), where he met Renate (*1956 in Munich, Bavaria - her parents came from Egerland, today Chech-Republic) and got married there in 1984. Since 1990 again in Ferlach
  3. Andreas Juch *1986 Munich, Markus Juch *1988 Munich


Further, Armando states that "some people say, that the name Juch has sources in the slovenian language (Jug means "South"). In the southern part of Carinthia, some time ago (in the 19th century) the german language was not spoken by many persons. Most people spoke a slovenian dialect also my ancestors". Armando also states that " Maybe the Juch-family came from central-Germany to us some hundred years ago (also some people who made weapons for hunting still a famous industry in Ferlach settled down in the 16th century and came from the Austrian Netherlands (now Belgium) and now there is a company "Gottfried Juch" in Ferlach producing weapons for hunting) or maybe a person named Juch emigrated to Germany some hundred years ago. Although Mr. Gottfried Juch is deceased, his gun factory remains in business and has a home page at:

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 Armando and family have a Web Page that everyone is encouraged to visit at:

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Some places, where Armando's Juch families lived

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The following biography is about the famous Emma JUCH, born in Austria



In Vienna is born Emma Antonia Johanna Juch on 4 Jul 1865 as a daughter of Justin Juch and Augusta Hahn. She died in New York on 6 Mar 1939 her profession opera singer by the Emma Juch English Grand Opera Company. She married on 25 Jun 1894 (she divorced in July 1911) with Francis Lewis Wellman district attorney. The parents of Emma Juch came from Austria. They went to America when Emma was 2 years old.

Emma Antonia Johanna Juch studied 3 years with Murio-Celli: debut in concert Chickering Hall; operatic debut in Her Majesty's Grand Italian Opera in London (june 1883) as Felina in Mignon, and later sang during 3 seasons under Col.Mapleson in soprano roles; sang alternate nights with Nilssan as Elsa in Lohengrin under management of Theodore Thomas in US; prima donna Am.Opera Co. 3 seasons; sang in festivals, orchestral symphnie concerts and in Emma Juch English Grand Opera.

Source: "Who was Who in America. Vol.I sub voce Juch Östereiches Biographisches

Lexion 1815-1950 Gratz & Köln Band 3 1965 sub voce Juch Emma Antonia Johanna

In a Special Issue of "Opera News", published by The Metropolitan Opera Guild, Inc., New York in 1966 her picture appeared plus the following:

"The Vienna-born American Emma Juch entered the arena with an aggregation largely made up of the defunct National (originally American) Opera Company, with which she had toured during its valiant existence. In 1885 Theodore Thomas had once again put aside his symphonic ambitions for the lyric stage. His opera company, unfortunately, lasted barely three years in spite of excellent productions. Juch sang six roles 164 times: Pamina (she had previously been praised for her Queen of the Night in the same opera), Elsa, Euridice, Chrysa (in Rubinstein's Nero, an American premiere), Marguerite and Senta, which she learned practically overnight. Her Elsa was warmly admired, as well as her courage in finishing the part one night at the Metropolitan (where the National Company was playing) after having been struck by a falling weight.

Juch's own company possessed one distinction apart from most of those directed by her sister artists: it was managed not by the indefatigable C.D. Hess but by Charles E. Locke, who had piloted the National. Juch had Felix Jaeger for conductor (and his wife for contralto) in October 1889; both had disappeared a month later, and the experienced Adolf Neuendorff, who had come closest to the Metropolitan by conducting its stepchild German tour in 1885-86, took over. Juch continued to sing in concert after she relinquished her opera company, and lived to the ripe old age of seventy-eight."

Descendants of Justin Juch

1 Justin Juch

+Augusta Hahn

2 Emma Antonia Johanna Juch 1865 - 1939

+Francis Lewis Wellman




Circa 1900?

This photo is on "vintage actress tobacco cards" by LORILLARD'S TIGER FINE CUT (tobacco)

being offered for sale on ebay.

This is an old score from Der Freischutz by C. M. von Weber as produced by the Emma Juch Grand English Opera, Charles Locke, Director. There is no copyright date in this small paper back score, however there is a full page testimonial in the inside front cover for Steinway Pianos, indicating awards for superior product in London 1885, Sydney 1875, Philadelphia 1876, Sweden 1868, Paris, 1867, London 1862. The score in English was published by Charles Tretbar, Steinway Hall, New York. Emma Juch was a famous opera soprano of the late 1800's She was born in the 1860's and made her operatic debut in 1883. She formed her own touring opera company in the late 1880's and brought opera to the midwest and Western cities with her company that toured by rail and sang their operas in English so that they could be understood by all. This small 6 1/2 by 9 inch booklet has the three act opera of Der Freischutz (The Freeshooter). The inside pages are all present and intact but the cover has become detached. The pages are tightly stapled. The pages are brown but in good condition. The cover is worn and the spine is chipped at the top and bottom. The interior back cover has testimonial letters about the Steinway pianos from Franz Liszt, Anton Rubenstein and Theodore Thomas. All are dated in the 1870's. This is a great piece of music history from the late 1800's.

 In Vienna, Austria there is a street named "Juchgasse". This street was named in honor of Ernst JUCH (1838-1909) who was a cartoonist and artist.

Picture by Mary & Dave Maxwell

October 2001

JUCH, Ernst (1838-1909)


"Peasant Kitchen" by Ernst Juch, Late 19th Century
Drawing-Watercolour , Watercolor ,40x29 cm (15.7x11.4 in)

Sorry for the poor quality


Ernst Juch also painted the following:

Galante Werbungim Salon

Galantes Liebespaar

Eheliche Liebe

Die Versuchungunvollendet

Heimkehrende Fisher

Street Scean in Vienna


Of special note also is Dr. Otto JUCH, Austrian Finance Minister between 16 October 1929 and 20 June 1931. Dr. OTTO JUCH was born 25 Feb 1876 in Kirchbichl Tirol, Austria died 19 Feb 1964 in Vienna. His profession: financial civil servant. From 1929 - till 1931 Financial Minister / 1929-1931 & Chancellor of the Exchequer in Austria. Dr.Otto Juch's father was Karl Juch, a building contractor.

Information provided by Flip Juch 29Nov1997

Federal Ministers for Finance 



1929 - 1931   Otto Juch

Otto Juch is standing at the far right







The above Hermann Paul Juch appears to have been a medical doctor who wrote medical books in Latin during the mid 18th century (1730-1752) I believe.

More research is required



Hermann Juch

born 19.9.1908 Innsbruck (Austria), d. 12.7.1995 Jona SG.

 Married Geraldine katt, actress.

Studied of law in Vienna (1933 promotion). In addition to his work in the Court practice j. studied voice, piano and composition. In 1937 he worked in the Austrian Federal Theater administration, beginning in 1940, he was Management Advisory Board of the Vienna State Opera, also served as a concert and oratorio singer. 1942 j. became head of artistic planning of the Vienna State Opera, after World War II he worked for a short time as President of the French-Austrian society in Innsbruck. 1945-55 j. was Düsseldorf-Duisburg Director of the State Opera in Vienna, where he called a renaissance of operetta in the life, 1956-64 first General Manager of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein (world premieres by Giselher Klebes «Predator» 1957 and «The deadly wishes» 1959 and Peter Ronnefelds «Ant» 1961). →Herbert Graf , succeeding j. 1964-75 as a Director led the Zürich City Theatre renamed →Zurich Opera House when he took office. There he campaigned - 1964-71 in collaboration with →Nicholas Berio Zoff - very for the Ballet. Important Opera directors were →Leopold Lindtberg, →Martin Markun, Otto Schenk, and IMO Moszkowicz during these years. 1970 j. hired the Director Jean-Pierre Ponnelle influential Opera House for the first time, in the same year he enlisted →Ferdinand Leitner as new musical director. In J.s. Zurich Directorate fall include the world premieres of →Paul of Barg children's Opera "The snow Queen" (1964), →Heinrich Sutermeister "Madame Bovary" (1967) and Klebes "A true Hero" (1975).


among other things

  • In 1974 an honorary member of the Vienna Volksoper.
  • 1975 Silver medal for services to the Republic of Austria.



By Roy Juch

On Saturday, 24 June 2006, my wife, granddaughter and I spent the night in the JUCHHOF hotel and restaurant in Larmoss, Austria.   Please see below.    This was one of the most enjoyable visits we found on our month stay in Europe.   Of course we just had to spend the night in the JUCHHOF just to try and learn where the name originated and possibly find more Juch “cousins”!     Unfortunately the proprietor Helmut Koch and family did not have any ideas where the Juch name came from.    Mr. Koch did inform me that there was some effort currently being undertaken by someone in the City of Larmoss to investigate and possibly find an answer to this mystery.    This information would be a very welcome addition to this Austrian web page!

I can highly recommend the JUCHHOF as a pleasant, friendly and immaculately clean place to spend a vacation.    The food was exceptionally good in taste and value.    I can still hear the Saturday night music, as it was very good also.  Although we are not snow people and do not snow ski we do intend to return to the JUCHHOF on future visits to the area.    We look forward to our next visit with the Koch family at the JUCHHOF.


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