Chilton, Falls County, Texas





Researched and compiled by Clayton Hicks



The cemetery was first called POWELL Cemetery  because the land was donated by the POWELL family and John POWELL, who died March 28, 1889, was the first person to be buried there (#13).    Over the next fifty-four years about twenty-two other persons were buried there.   


Charles Roy TULL, son of William Abraham TULL and Georgia Etta Ferguson TULL, died in 1896 and was the first TULL to be buried in this cemetery (#23).    Various other families are buried there including more recently the four graves of the WHITAKER family.  


For the next forty years the cemetery was neglected.    Weeds, briars, shrubs and trees began to invade the cemetery.    In the early 1980’s, Sam TULL, George Edwin TULL, Audry and Wesley McKEE, Durwood VASSER, James L. TULL, Hollie TULL, Bertie BAXLEY and Netom STEED met to discuss cleaning, fencing and maintaining the cemetery.    There was also a discussion about organizing a Cemtery Association and calling it the POWELL-TULL Cemetery Association.    Sam TULL later met with attorney Robert CARTER in Marlin, Falls County, Texas to discuss legal requirements to form a Cemetery Association.    Legal notices were posted in the newspapers.    On June 19, 1983, at the TULL-HICKS reunion, the POWELL-TULL Cemetery Association was organized.    Hubert McKEE was elected President; Netom STEED as Vice-President; and Beatrice JOHNSON as Treasurer.    The following were elected Directors:  Sam TULL, Hollis VASSER, George Edwin TULL.    Hollie TULL donated $100 to open a bank account.    Beatrice JOHNSON also donated $1,000 from the sale of her book of family records.    Money has been added to this fund from family and friends through the years.    A meeting was called for May 17, 1987 for the purpose of electing Durwood VASSER as Vice-President to replace Netom STEED who has resigned.    Mary Ann COHN was also elected Treasurer.    At the June 18, 1989 meeting, Hubert McKEE, Sam TULL, Hollis VASSER, George Edwin TULL and Hollie TULL met to discuss the type and cost of fence to be put around the cemetery with a gate at the entrance.


A group representing the POWELL-TULL families has worked several years to clean the cemetery and put it back in an honorable condition.    In February, 1996, a group of family members, under the direction of Hollis VASSER, put up a five wire barbed wire fence around the entire cemetery and a metal gate at the entrance.    Work was also begun clearing all the underbrush.    They met again in March and April to continue working and cleaning the cemetery.    Some damaged headstones have also been repaired.    Every effort will be made to maintain the cemetery in the best manner possible using volunteer help.


The research on this cemetery was done by Clayton HICKS on February 9, 1996 with help of his wife Selma CRAWFORD HICKS, Hubert McKEE, Roy JUCH, Isabell TULL WELCH and Mary Nell HELFER.


A numerical index showing the grave locations is included as a part of this project in order to assist in locating the graves of those buried there.    The #1 grave identification begins with Thomas Marion TULL.


There are twenty-seven graves located, or assigned and all but one was identified.    Any misleading information of unmarked graves is unintentional.    Their identity and location was determined by word of mouth and family history.    There may be other unmarked graves that were not found or identified.


The WHITAKER family owns property on three sides of the cemetery and has been active in maintaining the cemetery.   Their efforts are very much appreciated.



Volunteers have worked hard to maintain the Powell-Tull Cemetery in a respectful and dignified manner but funds are always needed to continue this effort.    Please send your tax-deductible donations to:


                                  Powell-Tull Cemetery Association

                                                Mary Anne Hays, Treasurer
3409 State Hwy 7

Chilton, TX 76632




Funds in any amount are very much appreciated!                 



Located about five miles East of Chilton, Falls County, Texas.    From Chilton proceed Eastbound on State Highway #7 and turn left onto County Road #419 (also Post Oak Blvd).    Go .3 miles to the first road on the left (unmarked in 1996), which is the road just before the C. W. Whitaker place.    Go North .1 mile  to the cemetery entrance on the left.    The cemetery proper is located about fifty yards West down into the post oak grove of trees and is surrounded by a barbed wire fence and has a metal gate.






#1  TULL, Thomas Marion                                             #12      POWELL, Nancy C.                                                        #20      BOLTON, William                                                    

      Born - 11 Nov 1836                                                                Born - 9 Oct 1832                                                                         Born – Sep 1855                                                                          

      Died -  4 Mar 1921                                                                Died -  28 Jul 1901                                                                       Died – 1 Oct 1898                                                                       

      Civil War Marker                                                                   Inscription - Wife of John POWELL                                      Inscription – In memory of William Bolton                               

                                                                                                      As a wife devoted                                                                         Husband of  Louisa Bolton                                       

#2  TULL, Amy CAPLE                                                              As a mother affectionate

      Born - 10 Aug 1835                                                                As a friend ever kind & true

      Died -  30 Jan 1919

      Wife of T. M. TULL                                                   #13      POWELL, John                                                                #21      McREA, A. R.

                                                                                                      Born - 8 Dec 1826                                                                        Cement marker with no writing

#3  TULL, William Abraham                                                       Died - 28 Mar 1889                                                                     Informant-Isabell Tull

      Born - 1 Jul 1854                                                                    Inscription - In memory of husband

      Died - 4 Sep 1943                                                                   of N. C. POWELL.   Blessed are the

      Oldest son of T. M. TULL                                                     pure in heart for they shall see God.

      And Amy CAPLE TULL                                                       Made by C. G. Matthews, Marlin, TX


#4  TULL, Georgia Etta (FERGUSON)                         #14      SUGGS, W. M.                                                                #22      McREA, (Mrs. A. R.

      Born - 21 Dec 1854                                                                Born - 11 Mar 1908                                                                     Informant – Isabell Tull        

      Died -  4 Apr 1925                                                                  aged 48 years

                                                                                                      Inscription - Called Higher. Prepare

#5  GREER, Sophia A. (TULL)                                                  to meet me in Heaven.

      Aged 51 years  11 months  (2 Dec 1998)                             

      Inscription – She is at the beautiful                          #15      BUSBY, Mulisia                                                              #23      TULL, Charlie Roy

      Gate waiting and watching for us                                          Born – 9 Jan 1850                                                                        Born – 27 Feb 1896

      Wife of Eliza Greer                                                                Died – 15 Sep 1902                                                                      Died – Aug 1896

                                                                                                      Inscription – Wife of J. M. BUSBY                                                     Headstone with initials “CRT”

#6  SYLVESTER, Hattie Roberter                                             Not lost.    Blessed Thought                                                        Son of William Abraham TULL &   

      Born – 26 Dec 1890                                                               But Gone Before                                                                          Georgia Etta FERGUSON TULL

      Died -  17 May 1894                                                              Where We Shall Meet

      Dau. Of C.T. & E. V.                                                             To Part No More


#7  Baby Dau. Of John Oliver SIMS                              #16      SUGGS, Martha                                                              #24      WHITAKER – Charles Clarence, Jr.

      Died – 4 Jul 1931                                                                   Died – 30 Mar 1901                                                                     Born – 26 May 1931

      Informant: Mary N. SIMS HELFER                                    Aged 80 years                                                                             

                                                                                                      Inscription – Wife of Eli SUGGS

#8  Child of Dorothy GREEN & Flem SIMS                             Not Lost But Gone Before                                                         

      Died – 27 Sep 1931                                                                                                                                             

      Informant – Mary N. SIMS HELFER                      #17      SUGGS, Elick A.                                                              #25      WHITAKER, Mary Earl Sproull

                                                                                                      Born – 8 Jul 1864                                                                         Born – 9 Mar 1933

#9  SIMS, Dorothy GREEN                                                       Died – 21 Dec 1889

      Died – 27 Sep1931                                                                 Inscription at top – We Love Him

      Informant – Mary N. SIMS HELFER


#10 No name                                                                    #18      TAYLOR, Earnest Lee                                                   #26      WHITAKER, Bryce Russell

       Unmarked rock for a headstone                                          Born – 25 Apr 1897                                                                      Born – 15 Mar 1972

                                                                                                      Died – 27 Sep 1898                                                                      Died -  15 Mar 1972

#11TULL, Mattie L                                                                     Son of P.T. & D. A. Taylor                                                          son of  Charles & Mary Whitaker

      Born – 14 Aug 1882

      Died – 19 Nov 1901                                                   #19      TAYLOR, Wm. Ennis                                                      #27      HARRISON, Aurie Layla

      Inscription – Wife of M. L. TULL                                        Born – 21 Feb 1898                                                                      Born – 19 Jul 2012                                                    

                                                                                                      Died – can not read date                                                             Died  - 19 Jul 2012

                                                                                                      Son of P. T. & D. A. TAYLOR                                                      son of Tana & Rob Harrison

                                                                                                      Inscription – Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep                                            great grandson of Charles & Mary Whitaker

                                                                                                      From which none ever more to weep







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